Increase games performance in Linux laptop

My laptop is a low-spec laptop for gaming. It also has a hybrid graphics. When I wanted to play CSGO during the quarantine and didn’t bring my gaming PC, the performance was hell. I did a bit of research on how to improve performance, in CSGO case with a cost of quality. The game is playable for me, but also it improved other games greatly.

This tutorial is for Manjaro but could be easily done in Ubuntu and other Linux distros too. Also I have AMD Radeon GPU but I suspect it will work for NVIDIA too.

The first thing you should do is to install FeralInteractive gamemode

sudo pacman -S gamemode

Then in Steam, go to game properties and Set Launch Options to

GAMEMODERUNEXEC="env DRI_PRIME=1" gamemoderun %command%

If you don’t have a hybrid graphics laptop, you can remove the DRI_PRIME part

gamemoderun %command%

You can also set it as global environment variable.

There is also an app called CoreCTRL which is somehow the equivalent of nvidia-settings. It is available in AUR.

That’s it, now your games will be much more performant.